Sample range of articles published in The Age ‘My Career’ and the Sydney Morning Herald ‘BusinessDay’.


Acting Up

Actor Gemma Bird Matheson seems mature beyond her 22 years. While she’s passionate and rightly tenacious about her career choice, she’s also earnest about its challenges.

Julia deVille

When taxidermist and jeweller Julia deVille began taxidermy 15 years ago, people were perplexed by her career choice. “It was a conversation stopper,” says deVille.

Divorce Go to Girl

Divorce doesn’t exactly shout new career opportunity. But for Renee Catt, creator of The Divorce Go To Girl, “hitting rock bottom” in the early days of her divorce set her on an unexpected path.

Sexiest Job?

A few years ago, The Harvard Business Review hailed the burgeoning role of data scientist “The sexiest job of the 21st century”.

Virtual Reality

I’m standing on a hilltop enjoying a rural panorama. A citrus sun dips towards the horizon while a gentle breeze nudges the trees below me. I exhale slowly and feel any tightness in my body drop away.


Biomimicry is a burgeoning design movement that looks to nature for solutions to modern day design challenges.

Chip My Worklife

Just mention microchipping in the workplace and people tend to get defensive. “Because it’s a bit Big Brotherish, which is an Australian trait,” says organisational and counselling psychologist, Jasmine Sliger.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be a bit of a misnomer. In some cases, it gets confused with standalone functions such as email management. On the other hand, it’s sometimes perceived as a magical solution for managing every facet of marketing.